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Joint Fill Pumps


Industrial blasting machine with twin hoppers on a blue frame, equipped with hoses and nozzles, isolated on a white background.

Introducing the completely redesigned SB2024 Compact Joint Pump. Engineered with Direct Drive Technology, this pump offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Its low hopper height and 10-gallon capacity ensure easy operation and extended productivity. With a 15-foot hose and integrated handle controls, it's perfect for single-user operation. Plus, it features a front shelf for a generator or power rack, making it versatile for any job site. Capable of installing up to 7,000 LF per day, it's a game-changer. Also available with a lithium-ion power pack for added convenience and mobility.

  • Direct Drive Technology
  • 10-gallon Capacity
  • Installs up to 7,000 LF Per Day
  • Low Hopper Height
  • 15-foot Hose
  • Single User Operation
  • Integrated Handle Controls
  • Front Shelf for Generator or Power Rack
  • Joint Fill Projects

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