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HT-7 Cleanout Saw

Blue and silver industrial carpet cleaning machine with wheels and a handle.


1 Gal • 5 Gal • 22 oz Test

The HT-7 Joint Cleanout Saw is the latest offering in HTS’s line of durable, efficient, and cost-effective equipment designed to aid contractors in joint cleanout, joint filling, and joint shaving. Made in the USA and powered by Skilsaw’s largest 15 amp Dual Field high torque motor, the HT-7 performs great at removing failing joint fillers, crack chasing, and cleaning out expansion joints. Its squeeze trigger handle adds an extra layer of safety when plugging in the machine, and gives the operator constant control during operation. The HT-7 is fully adjustable, allowing any depth up to 2 inches deep and ¼ inch wide using a 7” saw blade.

  • Up-cut Design for Joint Cleanout
  • Exceptional Dust Control
  • Two 7” Diamond Saw Blades - *Included with purchase
  • Skilsaw’s Largest 110v 15 Amp Dual Field High Torque Motor
  • 7” Saw Blade - Up to ¼” Wide
  • Visible Saw Blade for Aligning with Joint/Crack
  • Adjustable Depth Up to Full 2"
  • Squeeze Trigger
  • Large Non-marking Wheels
  • 2” Dust Port
  • Made in the USA
  • Joint Cleanout
  • Joint Filling
  • Joint Shaving

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